Trump and Jerusalem


The Center for Global Peace Initiative (CGPI) condemns in the strongest of terms the reckless, ill-advised and unfortunate move by US President Donald Trump recognizing Israel’s dubious claim to Jerusalem in defiance of wise counsel, numerous UN resolutions and extant international laws and conventions that say the contrary

We see this move as another attempt to take the world through a fresh round of global socio-economic and political crisis the magnitude of which may be unprecedented. Already, reactions have been trailing this decision with Palestinians calling for 3 days of rage which may well herald another intifada. This declaration by Trump has thrown a grenade into a raging inferno in the Middle East and the consequences for world peace may be dire in the coming days

With this action of his, Trump has initiated another phase of global terrorism by his prioritizing and patronizing might over right and power over justice and good conscience. He has made himself the chief protagonist and promoter of bodies like ISIS and Al Qaeda who will, in an unsolicited retaliation hide behind his action to target innocent citizens around the world who are not protected by the paraphernalia of office enjoyed by Trump and his cohorts with tax payers’ money. What Trump has done is no less terroristic; we therefore hold him and his Zionist co-travellers responsible for any fallout from this ignoble decision.

We also call on the people of the world not to interpret Trump’s action along religious lines thereby playing into the hands of those who hitch for a religious war as pretext to obliterate what the entire issue is all about – that of violation of the fundamental human rights of a people; the continuous construction of the Jewish state on the ruins of another people and the theft of existence of the suffering Palestinian people

We are baffled by the numerous assumptions in Trumps’ speech which dared to take the intelligence of the entire international community for granted. How does robbing someone of his right guarantee peace, except the peace of the grave which is what Israel has consistently inch towards by its continuous cleansing of Palestinians from their lands supported by various American governments? Trump’s speech neither says where Palestinians will have the capital of their future state, nor show any conviction of a resolve to push for the time-tired two-state solution as he placed that upon ‘agreement by both sides’, effectively giving wings to Israel’s belligerency to continue to thwart the move towards a sovereign Palestinian state

We are aware that President Trump has been in search of something extraordinary -a war, a crisis, or a conflict- to rally his countrymen behind him and shore up his rating which continues to plummet due to the ghost of a pyrrhic election victory that refuses to go away and his rash approach to sensitive issues such as this latest one which continues to put question marks on his capacity as the President of the foremost nation in the world.

We are also aware that he has been under pressure from some of his election sponsors to fulfill ‘promises’ made on his campaign trains. Of note here is Sheldon Adelson -a casino magnate reputed as his largest sponsor. These are men who sit in the comfort of their homes in Washington and ignite terrible conflagrations around the world due to greed and lack of conscience.

While we call on leaders of the world to ratchet up pressure on the Trump administration, we implore the United Nations to begin to set up an alternative mechanism to realizing the actualization of a sovereign Palestinian state which sets aside America’s monopoly as it has consistently proven itself a dishonest broker. This the United Nations must do if it is not to implode from within. History tells us that the first attempt towards a global union for peace which gave birth to the League of Nations collapsed when those countries who think they were powerful started invading the weak smaller countries. This was equally the precursor to World War II and the way Israel and the Zionist elements in Washington are going, the possibility of a mass exit from the UN by nations most grievously affected should not be ruled out

We seize this opportunity to also call on President Muhammadu Buhari to put on hold all relations with Israel until a return to status quo as demanded by many other leaders of the world including Pope Francis. It is also the time that the people of the world give strength to the BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanction) movement by boycotting and divesting from all Israeli products and the products of countries and institutions supporting Israel’s belligerency

We believe it is also high time Americans began to think of the role of their governments in emboldening Israel to commit what has variously been described as genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity by the UN, UNESCO and several other international bodies. They owe the world a duty to hold President Trump accountable for his actions

Finally it is clear that Israel’s hold and claim on the lands of Palestine is unsustainable apart from its going at a huge humanitarian cost and threat to global peace. How much of its own peace, security and leadership America is willing to sacrifice to continue to shield the Zionist state may be a question outside of the capacity of the ordinary American citizens. What is clear from this is that the world is ripe for a new leadership, for America has definitely failed the world

Comrade Yekinni Shakiru A.

Executive Director

Center for Global Peace Initiative (CGPI)

Tel: 08026134942


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