Center for Global Peace Initiative

Center for Global Peace Initiative (CGPI) is a beacon of hope, tirelessly working towards fostering peace and harmony worldwide. Through innovative programs, advocacy, and collaboration, CGPI strives to create a more just and equitable world, inspiring individuals to embrace compassion, understanding, and unity. With a steadfast commitment to building bridges and resolving conflicts, CGPI stands at the forefront of the global movement for peace, igniting positive change that ripples across nations and transforms lives.

About Us

Human Right occupies the centre stage of discourse among men today. Along this line came other social problems like HIV / AIDS. To address these problems, bringing out the issues involved, the causes and solutions, Center for Global Peace Initiative (CGPI) was conceived and established. It has since succeeded in enlightening a large number of people cutting across various organisations. Its most recent activities are Walk for Life and Singles Seminar organised to reawaken the fitness practice teach chastity respectively. CGPI is becoming well recognized because of its regular response to current issues.

To bring about a peaceful society based on the ideals of justice, mutual respect and shared human values

To facilitate development through the promotion of understanding among communities

This overseas the day to day working of the office and it is headed by the Director of Admin

This is the heart of CGPI and has five units. These are:

a. Research and Documentation
b. Mediation and Reconciliation
c. Campaign and Advocacy
d. Capacity Building
e. Legal Unit

we undertake intensive study of crises with a view to understand their true causes or origins and the roles played by all parties involved. The unit responds to public issues based on its findings. The unit also undertakes documentation of crises and its impacts on the socio-economic life of the country with a view to educating Nigerians on the negative effects of crises and public disorders..

The unit will work with families and communities to promote understanding and peaceful co-existence of people with divergent tribal affiliations, religious beliefs and socio-economic backgrounds. It will initiate and sustain mediation and reconciliation programs on the radio and television.

The unit will work with the media, the police and government institutions along with important members of the public to campaign for peace or seek their immediate intervention on any afore seen threat to the peace.

The unit will be a focal department of the organization in developing capacities of major stakeholders in managing and addressing crisis. The unit will initiate and sustain programs that will develop the capacity of Nigerian journalists to report crisis objectively with a high sense of detachment. It will also collaborate with religious and community leaders to promote understanding and cooperation. Apart from this, It will develop programs and projects that will promote adoption of constructive dialogue for issue resolution.

The Unit will provide legal advice on contentious issues and give legal assistance to any member of the public having financial problems to secure the service of lawyers to seek redress.

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