Against all reasonable calls and entreaties by global bodies, leaders and countries on the US President for restraint on his decision to move the US embassy to Jerusalem seen as a tacit support for the broad daylight theft of Jerusalem by Israel, Donald Trump proceeded as planned, and by implication subscribed the entire American nation to the blood-letting enterprise and genocide of Palestinians by his principal partner and mentor Benjamin Netanyahu

The May 15 unleashing of terror attacks against protesting Palestinians by Israeli forces (on behalf of the United States mission in Jerusalem) with live ammunition, tears gas and firebombs left 60 Palestinians dead and over 2,700 others injured, some fatally.

Among those injured were a 15 year old Jamal Afanah who died on Saturday after succumbing to wounds inflicted by Israeli fire, and an 8 months old Laila Anwar Al Ghandour who died of tear gas inhalation. This brings the total of death from the Great Match of Return initiated since March to 107, many among the dead being young people

In December 2017 when Donald Trump announced the decision to move the US embassy to Jerusalem, the United Nations General Assembly resoundingly condemned the move as null and void and reiterated the status of East Jerusalem as the capital of a future Palestinian State. A year earlier in December 2016, the Security Council had declared as illegal the continuing construction of Israeli settlements on Palestinian lands and called for a halt which the Zionist entity refused to abide by

This May 15 protests by Palestinians remain significant as it marked the 70th year of an ongoing campaign of terror initiated in 1948 when the state of Israel was forcibly created, and the mission to gradually and systematically cleanse Palestinians off their lands began in an unprecedented international conspiracy facilitated by the global powers, notably Britain, France and the United States working both in secret and hand in hand with the Zionist movement of European Jewry

This latest move by the duo of Trump and Netanyahu in defiance of the UN and the Security Council not only questions the entire essence of the UN and its agencies in maintaining global peace, but also the self-proclaimed ‘civility’ and ‘moral leadership’ that the US often arrogate to itself in its self-styled position of a global gendarme

The move reiterate the dictum that still ‘might is right’ and that self-help and anarchy reign supreme in international relations. This to a great extent explains the rush by nations to procure more and more power, especially the nuclear type as that remains the only deterrent to anarchists such as Netanyahu and his likes

Palestinians and supporters protest U.S. President Donald Trump’s recent declaration of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, on Portage Avenue near Polo Park Shopping Centre, on Sun., Dec. 10, 2017. Kevin King/Winnipeg Sun/Postmedia Network

We join the rest of the world in holding responsible the tyrants in Washington and Tel Aviv over the continuing death of Palestinians felled by Israeli bullets

We also salute the bravery and courage of nations such as Turkey and South Africa both of whom have recalled their ambassadors from Israel and sent Israeli ambassadors on their soil packing over what they aptly described as state terror. We are also monitoring the painstaking but determined steps of the Belgian government in conjunction with the governments of other nations such as Germany to appropriately investigate and categorize as war crimes this latest killing spree by Israel. Belgium we know is not a stranger to Israeli aggression as the country once issued a warrant of arrest for late Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon over his role in the Shabra and Shatilla refugee camps killing of Palestinians which prevented him from travelling to that part of the world till his inglorious demise.

We implore other nations of the world to come out of their shells and confront this Zionist terror mission head long

Equally we consider as shameful the statement of Nikki Harley, US representative to the UN which described the killings by Israeli forces as a show of restraint: we still give her the benefit of the doubt that it is blood and not metals that runs through her veins. We also query her sense of and understanding of her country’s history when the founding fathers fought British imperial rule for freedom and dignity, as we fault her designation of Hamas as a terrorist group – a designation that could make George Washington and his crew of the 1776 liberation war turn in their graves with unease

We also empathize with the ordinary American citizens whose hearts demur at the employment of their nation’s resources to serve a cause as morbid and egregious as the Zionist expansionist project on the lands of Palestine as Nikki Harley and the entire Trump entourage has done to bring their country to this newest low in perfidy

We pledge our solidarity and support for the Palestinian people and subscribe to their full right of return and reclamation of all of territories stolen by Israel to build the illegal Zionist entity called the state of Israel.

We salute Palestinians for standing up to Trump and his Zionist co-travellers for this unconscionable unilateral decision to further award their land and freedom to aliens imported from Europe


The protests re-live the fact behind the creation of the state of Israel as one founded on pure genocide, terror and massacre even as the only ‘means’ of sustaining it remains the same and unchanged.

While we urge world leaders to be more creative and proactive in ending Israel’s long occupation premised on its penchant for blood-letting to sustain itself, we salute the courage and steadfastness of the Palestinians with the message that ONLY A DETERMINED PEOPLE ACHIEVE THEIR GOAL

Long live Palestine

Long live Gaza

Aluta continua, victoria Ascerta


Comrade Shakiru Yekinni (Executive Director),

Center for Global Peace Initiative (CGPI),

Tel: 08026134942


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